Natural Skincare

Cosmetics Made in USA focuses on the potency and efficacy of a natural skincare based system that is genuinely healthy for skin. The way we accomplish this is both simple and highly effective. Our skincare bases provide a minimum of 94% natural ingredients in our formulas to effectively deliver the selected active ingredients to the correct layer of the skin.

Our 94% minimum standard natural oil in water micro emulsions deliver a consistent look and feel, and most importantly, consistent results for your customers. Customers have come to expect this type of quality in their skincare products….. and it all starts with this solid, natural foundation upon which we build all our formulas.

This basic foundation for our formulas is available for use in any customized formulation, or as stand-alone bases available for bulk purchase.

Ingredient Basics:

Given the demand for natural, healthy skincare in the modern market, our formulas are essential to your brand’s success.

Combined with organic essential oils, botanical profile customization, and customizable coloring and fragrances, you can rest assured that your customers are getting the highest quality products available.