We offer a variety of packaging

From the basic and everyday to the luxury. Our design team will show you the potential of your private label brand.

  • Custom Luxury Packaging

    Impress with our premium luxury packaging. Our design team will design and then show you several potential versions of your labels for you to electronically review

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  • In-House Glass jars

    Choose from our in-house glass jars that are sure to wow your customers. While the emphasis is always on quality, we ensure that this process is both effective and efficient, in the fastest turnaround time possible.

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  • Home and Spa labels

    Need to choose from one of our brands instead of a totally new formulation? We have that too. Try our tried and tested products for your customers today!

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  • In-house Formulas

    We take the guess work out of creating your new private label products. Choose from a variety of formulas that we currently own and have tested.

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  • Custom Formulas

    If you need a recipe to serve your customers the best products, we can help. We will work with you and our laboratory to come up with the right products for you.

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  • High Quality Ingredients

    We use a range of beneficial ingredients to best serve your products to be effective and clean.

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